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Considering its skills and business sectors for which it intervenes, IRPI realized the engineering, the studies, and/or the follow-up of the realization of numerous projects such as:
  • Gear wheels of London and Peking: studies and calculations of the structure and the capsules
  • Crush hydrogen: mechanical conception, realization of prototype
  • Process of casting of aluminum: studies, conception and realization follow up
  • Wind generator / wind turbine of 4,5KW: studies, calculation, prototype and industrialization
  • Machine with paper and process of stationery mechanical conception
  • Special Machines of aluminum sawing: studies and notes of calculation
  • Cryostats : study and follow up of the realization of various industrial applications with cold techniques for Synchrotrons and universities.
  • Encircled essay under pressure or under vacuum for gas activities
  • Machines of assembly (crimping, riveting, sticking, soldering) and of conditioning (bagging, packing, loading/unloading robots) studies and follow up
  • Supports for test reactors piping and nuclear power stations: technical support and calculations
  • Plat form for helicopter transport: studies and calculation
  • Metallic skeletons for the cine complex of VOIRON: studies and calculation
  • Continuous lines of electrochemical treatment of aluminum sheets: studies, conception and follow up
  • Skeletons of 700 ton industrial buildings for a new SIEMENS factory
  • Travelling cranes: studies and calculations of lifting for bridges manufacturers
  • Test benches for measure and control (electric, mechanical, dimensional): conception and studies of benches for different factories
  • Ski lifts: conception, studies and calculations on different files
  • Chlorination ovens: thermal calculations
  • Effriteur : Calculations and modification
  • Equipment of sharp cryogenics (liquid helium) for different international research instruments

All these examples of studies and realization concern mainly the following business sectors :